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-One idea is all it takes

The world has conspired to change my game.

Waking up in the night, sweating, heart racing, I felt a tightness in my chest, uncertainty, feeling like so many things are shattered into pieces and mixed up. Getting up to get it out of my head and onto paper, I thought about how we might patch things back together...

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Falling from the sky

The small jet turned a few degrees left, then rose two thousand feet before banking slightly to the right. I looked up from my work as we flew up and around a massive angry looking storm cloud.  I thought about the three small smooth moves that had just happened and...

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Lost in dark thousands of miles from home

 Slicing through the cool inky Swedish summer night, steady driving music my companion, the countryside flew by.  Suddenly my navigation went dark.  Tapping the screen there was nothing. A moment ago I was following a preplanned route - everything was laid out, but...

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Clinging to the Mountainside

The over-heavy pack pulled hard, down and back on my shoulders, shifting the load helped for a moment, then  it crept back, relentless, heavy, cumbersome, burning – weighting me down. My son and I had planned this trip for months and now here we were in one of the...

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This time was never coming back

Sometimes deciding what to stop doing is more important that what to start doing. The deepest most soulful dive I’ve ever taken was on my birthday.   Looking in the mirror I sighed, “I need a vacation.”  But then I thought “No, that’s not it – what I really want is a...

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