How do you earn the moneyyou want, doing what you love,while having all the time topursue your interests?

The Founder

They said, “This is how it works.” I found it wasn’t

One of the deepest personal dives I’d ever taken was after intense work with a celebrity peak performance coach. While you’re there it’s awesome! Now months later, I saw no measurable difference. Zero impact.

How’s that possible? How long do I have to wait?

I thought back over the years, spending heaps of money and loads of time searching for that magical system. While at the same time I traveled the world, raised a family, experienced hard knocks and built things that can adapt. That’s when I realized, “Wait a second!”

It’s not plugging into their magical system, that never quite works well enough-it’s the opposite, it’s individualized. We don’t arrive because click, boom and one day it all falls into place. When you begin to reset and tailor what you do to your own targets, values, priorities and goals–that’s when it happens. We arrive because it’s a personal experience and it changes daily. Yeah, it would be great if the secret magic formula worked, but it’s not a formula, it’s individualized, then it works.

It’s not out there, it’s in here–inside me and inside you. Unlock your version of true freedom.

I’m in my own race now.

– John Eliason, Founder

What haunts me is how
easy it would have been to
miss all of this.

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