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Real Estate

Humble Beginnings: Turning Little Credit into Big Equity

Our first home was purchased on a Contract for Deed. Back then we had little money, less credit and I was an entrepreneur. No one was willing to lend me money. Thankfully we found someone willing to give us a chance.

- We paid it off in 5 ½ years!
(I did this with First Financial the way I write about in REWIRE.)

That equity rolled us into a new home, and then another...

Built our own office building

Idea was to curate a cool, motivating place to do our
best work.
Here First Financial was voted Best Places to Work 8
years running and we continue to produce what I
believe is the best work in the merchant services

Vacation Beach Rentals

After buying a home at the beach ourselves, we started finding more special places, on the beach, amazing forever views – and the sunsets.. steps from the warm sand and fun water.

We create this sort of look.

We remodel them up to a casual comfortable feel with a touch of sophistication and place them with a vacation rental company for management.


We continue to look for more of the right properties.