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 Slicing through the cool inky Swedish summer night, steady driving music my companion, the countryside flew by.  Suddenly my navigation went dark.  Tapping the screen there was nothing.

A moment ago I was following a preplanned route – everything was laid out, but now I’m coasting to the intersection in a foreign country wondering which way to go.

Flipping on the overhead light and unfolding a large map, it was the first time in a long time I’d looked at the entire country.

Figuring they knew best, I’d chosen a travel “authority’s” top destinations and hit the road.

But now interesting places that I had all but forgotten rekindled my imagination.

– I could go anywhere.

Then I wondered, “If could go anywhere, which way should I go?”

– I wasn’t sure.

Each destination had their unique pluses and minuses.  After what seemed like more calculating than I would have expected I took my foot off the brake started forward.

But then stopped, unsure.

Pulling over again I recalculated – I put choices side-by-side like we’re told to do-adding and subtracting, thinking and re-thinking, again and again…   Every time I thought I had it all figured out and felt myself moving forward, doubt would creep in and I stopped.

Excited to go one way, but not wanting to miss out on the other.

I’d start and stop  – argh!!!

Good grief.

I thought, “No wonder it’s so hard to make real progress, to get where we really want to go – we’re so bogged down in this tangled logic of “what if’s” and “yeah, buts…”

It just seems to keep getting more complicated.

– but what if it wasn’t?

I wondered, “If there was one question I could ask myself to cut through all the complication what would it be?”

Then I did one thing

I changed my vantage point.

I Imagined flying up and over this fork in the road and into the future.

Imagining myself at home remembering my trip, I asked myself, “What do I want my story to be?”

And there it was, a simple and immediate answer.

I knew exactly what I wanted my story to be and exactly where I wanted to go.

Placing my finger on that place on the map I traced the road back to where I was right now, I knew exactly how to get there.

[Looks like this]

Back on the road I was excited, I had this sense of knowing where I was going was right – and soon I was there.

So can you.

Starting now.

What about you?

Try it.

Life, career, date, dinner..

What do you want your story to be?

Really get a sense of it.

Now lay down the tracks down from there to here – I call it Reverse Planning.

There’s your path.

Hit reply and let me know what you’re thinking.

TRUEFREEDOM: Always within arm’s reach


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